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About Cause Photography

Cause Photography currently produces prints, calendars, and greeting cards to raise money for coral restoration research and farming. We hope in the future these efforts will expand to support additional wildlife habitats.

If you've lived in the country for a fair amount of time; it doesn't take too much effort to realize that, as a species, mankind is rapidly replacing the previously established wildlife of that area. To experience the wildlife sightings that were once abundant as a teenager in the 20th century now requires a trip to a wildlife refuge.

Recent studies indicate that the demise of habitat, including the rate of extinction, is accelerated in our underwater environments. It is unfortunate that out of sight, is out of mind regarding the appropriate public awareness of the disappearing coral reefs. These reefs are of greater importance than the wetlands and mangroves combined for nurturing future generations of sea life.

Given the importance of marine life as a food source alone, our efforts are small and sporadic. The world's single largest coral nursery is located off the coast of Florida and only covers approximately 1.5 acres. Any individual effort to help makes a big difference and is greatly appreciated.

Cause Photography has a limited number of offerings located as a storefront via Please visit us soon.

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