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Equipment Blog: What equipment has been used and some thoughts about its' use.

Underwater Photography: All underwater photos were taken using an Olympus OMD EM-1 (mark 1) and an Olympus housing. I really like this camera and housing set-up. It is affordable, easy to use, and dependable. Probably have well over 300 photo dives with this current pairing.
I've been using the newer OMD EM-1 MII on land the last 18 months and the improved functionality merits the purchase of a new housing.

Landscape & Nightscapes: Virtually all of the landscape & 2/3 of the crane photos were shot with the following cameras: Nikon D500, D850, Z8. (PS somewhat sorry I sold the D850.

Wildlife & Bird Photography: Switched to using an OM Systems (formerly Olympus) OM1 with a 150-400 f4.5 Pro. Formerly used their 100-400 zoom and a Nikkor 500mm f4; have sold both of these lenses and do not regret it.

All wildlife & bird (including cranes) are now shot with this set-up.

Support Equipment: Current tripods are the Gitzo Systematic Series F GT4533 LS and the FLM CP-34 LS that i use as a hiking tripod.

The FLM comes in at four pounds, compact with 4 sections (fits reasonably well under or along the side of a camera backpack) and is extremely stable relative to other "travel tripods".

The Gitzo is amazingly stable. More importantly it does a great job of absorbing vibrations, have used this tripod directly adjacent train tracks and have shot with the train running reasonably close and the stars are still sharp. Can't remember all the other tripods owned but its predecessors, including some brands just below premium pricing, did not have nearly the same absorption. Given that it is a three-section tripod and comes in a over five pounds it isn't suitable for long hikes for most folks.

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