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Portfolio - General wildlife a mixed bag of sightings in the Central Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico

Bull Elk Fun - bull elk often travel together (referred to as a "gang") during much of the year. They will sometimes join the with the cows & calves during the winter season.


Black-chinned hummingbird (female) feeding on a yucca flower. Although not year-round residents they breed in New Mexico and are quite common though-out the spring & summer.

Muskrat Working - Muskrats breed from March through August. The build nests, often buried into banks, for protection from predators & weather.

Rufous hummingbird (male) - This species will travel from central Mexico (where they winter to their breeding grounds in Alaska & northern Canada .

Doe's Crossing - Mule deer are abundant in the Rio Grande Valley. Feeding on tender tree shoots & shrub leaves. Cottonwood trees are among the desirable plants for forage.


Rising Eagle - A juvenile bald eagle about to take flight. Bald eagles do not get their distinctive coloring until their filth year.  


Shining Turkey - There are three sub-species of wild turkeys in New Mexico: Rio Grande, Merriam's, and Gould's. Numerous hybrids exist as the species  interbreed.


Meditating Blue Heron - After hunting in the water for a period of time the heron will dry their wings & body mass in the sun.


Splashing Bull  - A male elk making its way through a flooded field. Elk numbers are estimated at 80,000 in NM. Elk can be found along much of the Rio Grande Valley.


Road Runner - The New Mexico State bird made popular by the Warner Bros. cartoon of the same name. Frequently sighted at the Bosque del Apache. Available as a greeting card.


Snacking - A mule deer fawn snacking on the sunflower leaves at the start of the winter season. Available as a greeting card & prints.


Collared Peccary (Javelina) - Sometimes when you get mud on your face you just have to wear it. This species is also known as the musk hog. Available as a greeting card.


The Great Meadowlark Caper - A Meadowlard with feathers "fluffed" to stay warm on a winter morning.


Wait Up - When photographing the arrival at the evening roost you never know who will happen by to grace you with their presence. Available as a greeting card, 5 x 7, and 8.5 x 10 prints.


Does at Rest: The early morning light gives this resting pair a special ambience. Bosque del Apache, San Antonio, New Mexico


Winter Grazing 1 - Female mule deer winter foraging after the mating season rut.

Winter Grazing 2- Female mule deer winter foraging after the mating season rut.

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